Making A Difference Award winners








September 4, 2013


Principal Michael Rust

Holland Middle School

4733 Landis Avenue

Baldwin Park, CA 91706


Dear Principal Rust:

Last year we proposed a campaign across all the school districts we serve in Southern California called Making A Difference that would give a celebratory “shout out” to those individuals on your staff who other staff members felt were deserving of special recognition for the extra contributions they make to students, the community, and fellow staff members.

Those nominated and selected individuals were: Adriana Ghomeshi, Moira Teo, Angela Vargas, Carolina Montoya, Jane Garcia, Anna Wells, Sylvia Chandler, Mary Covarrubias, and Claudia Sanchez.  Every one of these individuals had significant accomplishments listed on their ballots by the numerous staff members nominating them.  My wife Rose and I met with each selected nominee individually, posted a photo and bio of each of them on our Teachers Financial Services website, and awarded each with a $50 gift card.

A second phase of the Making A Difference campaign was to select among all those schools participating, the school that most exemplified the spirit that this campaign was designed to celebrate.  Representing all of us at Teachers Financial Services, Rose and I are most honored to announce that the school determined most deserving of this Making A Difference recognition is Holland Middle School.

On behalf of Teachers Financial Services, it is our sincere pleasure to present you with this check for $1000 because everyone on this campus is truly MAKING A DIFFERENCE!



Steve & Rose Bailey