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Stan Magnus

I Having been in this business now for more than a decade, one of the things I most appreciate about being an Associate with Teachers Financial Services is that we have consistently earned the right and privilege of working exclusively with the best, most highly rated financial companies in the industry offering both retirement savings and life insurance products to teachers and professional educators. As educators, you can appreciate that every one of the companies we choose to represent has earned and maintained over time a grade of “A” or better.

From the very beginning, not a single person I have served has ever lost even one penney of their money. That now represents over 600 satisfied clients and, as a client of mine, that will mean you as well. Retirement savings take time and hard work for you to earn. Why take risks? I love having the ability to absolutely guarantee to my clients that their hard-earned savings will be there, waiting for them, when they are ready to use it!

Come on board with me. You’ll be glad you did!